Dacic reacts to Dodik’s announcement about possible unification of Republic of Srpska and Serbia

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic reacted strongly to the recent hysteria in Bosnia and Herzegovina, following Milorad Dodik’s statement about the possible unification of the Republic of Srpska (RS) and Serbia.

In a statement for Tanjug, Dacic says that Dodik is attacking Denis Zvizdic and other Izetbegovic followers who, just the other day, “gave Bosnia and Herzegovina over to Turkey”.

“The High Representative (Valentin) Inzko says that Bosnia and Herzegovina is an internationally recognized state and that its entities do not have the right to secede,” reminds Dacic and asks: “Was Serbia not an internationally recognized state and whether Kosovo was not a province that does not have the right to secession?”

Serbia, the minister continued, “respects the territorial integrity of Bosnia-Herzegovina and, of course, has special ties with the RS.” 

“But this is not a topic that is being discussed now. What will happen in the future, I think that nobody can tell you, especially in such distant future,” Dacic told reporters on Thursday, adding that interests of all constitutive peoples in Bosnia-Herzegovina must be taken into account. 

Dodik on Wednesday gave a lecture at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, and said that “during the next couple of decades, Serbia and the RS should complete their unification into one territory and one state union.” 

Dacic also said that it was cynical to constantly ask Serbia to take a stance about Dodik’s statements, while nobody from the EU was commenting on the statements made by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

(RTV, 31.05.2018)



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