Czech company IMG Manufacturing to open its second factory in Serbia

IMG Manufacturing will invest EUR 15 million in the construction of a factory that will produce automotive components in the industrial zone Vršac.

This is the first greenfield investment of the Czech Republic in the production sector of Serbia.

The factory will span over 6,000 square metres and will be situated on a 1.3-hectare land plot. It will be built in three phases.

The general manager of IMG Manufacturing, Michal Grusz, says that the beginning of the construction of the first production hall is planned for July 2021.

“We are planning to start building the first production hall in July 2021 and finish the whole facility by the end of this year. We want to finalize the entire investment by 2025 at the latest when all three production halls should be completed,” Mr. Grusz says.

The first phase entails the production of plastic parts, plastic reservoirs and containers. In the second phase, the factory will make plastic, whereas the third phase entails the production of plastic parts for the automotive industry.

“The total planned investment is worth EUR 15 million, and we plan to employ 150 people in the factory, 20 in the first phase. We have already started recruiting employees. We will train the first employees at our facilities in the Czech Republic before the completion of the first production hall in Serbia”, Mr Grusz adds.

The Czech company IMG Bohemia, also part of the IMG Management Group, announced in August 2020 that it would also build an automotive plastic component factory in Bela Crkva.

After meeting with the authorities of Bela Crkva, the company said that it would invest between 10 to 14 million euro in Bela Crkva and employ more than 200 people, also to be trained in the Czech Republic.

(eKapija, 04.05.2021)

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