Czech Firm Mitas Invests 3.5M Euro, Jobs for 250 People in Ruma

One of the Czech investments that has had the most success in Serbia is the Mitas factory in Ruma, which has contributed to the recovery of not just the local but also the regional economy.

“The Czechs plan to expand their production in the region of Srem, moving a part of their planned production from Slovenia to Serbia. The expansion of the factory belonging to the Czech firm Mitas in Ruma is the most important Czech investment in Serbia. Today’s meeting between Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Czech Prime Minister Buhuslay Sobotka provides confirmation of the stabile and cooperative economic relationship between these countries,” said Sladjan Mancic, the president of the city of Ruma.

The regional government of Vojvodina provided subsidies for the expansion of production and the hiring of forty-six new workers. The new factory will produce radial tires for export to Russia. Due to the agreement between Russia and Serbia, the products produced by this factory will be sent to the Russian market. The first phase of the construction of the warehouse has been completed, and it is expected that 250 new jobs will be created in 2016. Ninety percent of the goods produced will be exported to Western Europe and the United States.

Mitas will invest approximately 3.5 million Euro and will increase production to 16,000 tons. This is a significant increase with respect to the 11,000 tons produced during the initial phases.

(eKapija, 02.09.2015.)

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