Czech company IMG Bohemia to open car parts factory in Bela Crkva

The Czech company, IMG Bohemia will spend between 10 to 14 million euro in Bela Crkva (Vojvodina) on a new factory and employ more than 200 people there.

This investor also plans to train workers in the Czech Republic. This will considerably increase the living standard in Bela Crkva and the whole South Banat County.

Representatives of the Czech company IMG Bohemia, which produces plastic components for the automotive industry, recently reached an agreement on the conditions regarding the new greenfield investment in the municipality of Bela Crkva.

Following Spel Manufacturing s.r.o, also a Czech investor, opening a new factory in Bela Crkva, this is another Czech company to launch its business in the new industrial zone in Bela Crkva, which has a substantial Czech population.

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At the meeting of representatives of IMG Bohemia s.r.o. with the heads of the Municipality of Bela Crkva, the Czech company agreed on an investment plan worth between 10 to 14 million euro. It entails the construction of a production facility on 2 hectares of land and the employment of 200 workers in several stages. The Czech investor also plans to train future Serbian workers at the parent factory in the Czech Republic.

The Serbian media remind that the Czech president, Milos Zeman, has expressed his support to the construction of the facility of IMG Bohemia s.r.o. at his meeting with the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, during the official visit to Serbia in September 2019.

The Czech Embassy in Belgrade has actively participated in this investment project and was the initiator of the idea of having the investment implemented in the Bela Crkva Industrial Zone.

The Czech Ambassador to Serbia, Tomas Kuhta says that IMG’s opening a factory is an excellent example of a concrete contribution of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Serbia to a better life of the Czech population in the Serbian border area, which is one of the goals of the strategy of the Czech diplomatic mission in Serbia.

(eKapija, 30.08.2020)


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