Czech company CE Industries planning new investments in Serbia

The Czech company Central European Industries (CE Industries), owner of Beohemija in Zrenjanin and co-owner of the car battery factory Black Horse in Sombor, plans new investments in Serbia and the creation of new jobs.

According to Roman Kratochvíl, director of CE Industries Serbia, the company plans to continue investing in strategic partnerships in existing companies, as well as in the acquisition and further development of companies experiencing business difficulties. “So far, the company has not used any incentives for foreign investors, which are available in Serbia, and now plans to apply for them,” he added.

The companies that make CE Industries are engaged mainly in recycling, energy and railways, and more recently also in the production and sale of consumer goods.

CE Industries employs over 2,500 employees in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia. As announced, it will present its potential and development projects to the head of the Vojvodinian government, Igor Mirović.

(Biznis, 08.09.2022)

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