Ćuta: “What the Chinese are doing here they would never dare do it in their country”

Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta, an activist from the Defenders of the Stara Planina Rivers (Odbranimo Reke Stare Planine) movement, who has had several opportunities to speak with the Serbian government officials, said environmental issues with the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić is a “pure waste of time.”

“We are dealing with people, who if they find the money for it tomorrow, would build a nuclear waste dump next to a kindergarten,” Jovanović said.

“What the Chinese (companies) are doing here, they would never dare do in their country. They are now installing the latest technology as far as their pollutants are concerned,” he explained and added that if the Chinese were doing the same in the EU, they would be severely penalized

“People are being poisoned en masse, deprived of clean water, and the land is becoming increasingly polluted,” he said.

Jovanović added that that the Defenders of the Stara Planina Rivers (Odbranimo Reke Stare Planine) movement has repeatedly asked the Chinese ambassador to have a meeting with them, which hasn’t happened yet.

Jovanović urged the Chinese Embassy to inform the Chinese officials what their companies have been doing here. He also said that the Movement would eventually organize a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

(Nova, 07.03.2021)



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