Currently the most sought-after jobs are in IT and construction

“The workforce survey that covers the first quarter of this year shows that the employment rate increased, and the unemployment rate decreased. There was also a recorded increase in the number of employees (by 31,600). The unemployment rate currently stands at 10.1 percent, a 0,8% lower compared to the same period last year”,  says Zoran Martinović, Director of the National Employment Service (NSZ).

Martinović added that the unemployment rate has been below 10 percent or slightly above 10 percent for a long time, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which, according to him, affected other economic trends.

According to the same data, IT/software engineers and developers are the most sought-after jobs in Serbia’s labour market.

“Computer programmers, construction engineers, mechanical engineers, pharmacists and doctors are in strong demand and even in deficit. There is also a deficit with workers with high school or vocational education such as construction workers, masons, carpenters, CNC machine operators, welders, nurses, drivers, storekeepers, shop assistants, tourism and catering workers,” Martinović adds.

In terms of the number of foreign workers who are currently working in Serbia, Martinović said that a total of 23,000 work permits have been issued this year and that most of them relate to construction workers.

“Most of these workers come from the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, India and Cuba, but there are also some from the regional countries, such as North Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are mostly employed in construction, where there is a workforce deficit,” he added.

(, 23.06.2023)

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