Cuprija: Contract to be signed with Turkish CCM Gizim Moda

A contract will be signed with the CCM Giyim Moda Company from Turkey stipulating opening of the company’s production facility. As planned, the company will hire 1,000 workers over a three year period.

CCM Moda is a family-run company, founded 25 years ago, which specializes in production of soft weave clothes. The company is focusing on the global market, especially on Great Britain and Europe.

As per agreement between the President of the Cuprija municipality and Director of CCM Moda, the production facility will operate in the former Mladost Company which the municipality bought after the company declared bankruptcy at a public auction with the goal of providing jobs for the people in Ćuprija. The Turks will invest around a million Euros in the new factory.

Two months ago, with the help of the Jagodina branch office of the National Employment Service, the Turkish company announced it was looking for 250 workers (mostly tailors and seamstresses) who will be employed by the company.

A number of people from Cuprija and the rest of the Pomoravski County, as well as from Belgrade, Nis and Kragujevac applied for the job at the factory.

CCM Moda is looking for 250 workers to work on cutting and sewing clothes of standard size, business woman apparel and casual clothes (jackets, vests, coats, dresses), as well as high fashion clothes. Almost three times the required number of workers applied to work for the company.

(eKapija, 03.08.2016)


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