Cultural heritage in Serbia: Next UNESCO nominations

Following the entry of kolo and slava onto the UNESCO’s Intangible World Heritage List, Serbia will now apply for other national heritage items such as frula (fife), gusle (a single-stringed musical instrument), the Vuk’s Convocation from Trsic, and the pottery from Zlakusa to be entered too.

This was announced on Thursday at a press conference at the Ethnographic Museum.

“Our heritage is very rich and having these heritage items on the list will not only boost Serbia’s image internationally, but also add more impulse to protecting and promoting the cultural tradition in a very difficult time when the old-fashioned values are slowly but surely disappearing”, said Serbian Culture Minister, Vladan Vukosavljevic.

Tijana Colak, acting director of the Ethnographic Museum, underlined that kolo was a very recognizable and strong symbol of Serbian identity. The Music Academy, the Kolo Folklore Ensemble, and the Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage (CIOTIS) were all members of the team that worked on kolo’s nomination for an entry into the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage list.

(Vecernje Novosti, 14.12.2017)

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