Cultural heritage as economic asset: Bridge between Italy and Serbia

„The Bridges of Cultural Heritage” is the name of the seminar that started on 6th April, at the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade, which assembled a group of Italian experts from renowned museums, and the officials from the Serbian Ministry of Culture. At the seminar, the Italian experts will present their experiences and initiatives in regard to managing cultural property and its evaluation as an economic resource.

„Italy is world-renowned cultural force and our experts would like to share with their Serbian peers good practice cases and techniques for better evaluation of artistic treasures by using contemporary managerial criteria, as well as criteria pertaining to tourism development“, said the Italian Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Giuseppe Manzo who officially opened the seminar together with the Serbian Culture Minister, Vladan Vukosavljevic. „This initiative gives meaning to the dynamics of the relations between Italy and Serbia which are an amalgamation of friendship, history, culture and economic interests that keep finding new forms through which they continue to grow“, Mr. Manzo added.

The following experts attended the seminar, which was promoted by the Italian Culture Institute and the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information with the support from the Italian Embassy: Gennaro Miccio, director of the Regional Secretariat at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MiBACT) for the region of Piemonte who is currently in charge of the renovation of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Luigia Melillo, head of the Conservation Bureau and the International Relations Bureau at the National Archeological Museum in Naples, Ugo Picarelli, founder and director of the Mediterranean Exchange of Archeological Tourism (in Paestum), Rachele Mariconda, head of The Great Pompeii Project, and Monica Giannatasio, an expert at valorization of architectural heritage.

The Italian and Serbian experts discussed several topics at the seminar including the recent innovation that the Italian government implemented in the central and territorial organization of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and individual initiatives regarding management of museums which goal is to more efficiently value and utilize cultural heritage as an important asset to tourism  development and territorial marketing.

The cooperation between Italy and Serbia in managing and promoting cultural property is long-term and stable, and covers activities like improvement and assistance in restoration and conservation of artistic treasures, staging exhibitions, and international cooperation of museums from the two countries.

(Italian Embassy press release, 06.04.2017)

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