CRTA launches a campaign to stimulate people to get politically active

The non-governmental organization, CRTA, has launched the campaign called ‘Ipak se nadamo’ (We Still Hope) with the aim of stimulating citizens who have fallen into political apathy or are not interested in politics.

According to CRTA’s press release, the initiative is aimed at “people who do not want to give up the fight for their rights, and thus for democracy and the rule of law in Serbia”.

“More than 1/4 of Serbian citizens are not interested in politics at all. During the past year, 2/3 of the citizens did not participate in any initiatives related to the problems of the local community, as most do not believe they can change anything,” the survey showed.

The organisation adds that, at the same time, Serbia lags behind in international rankings and indices that assess the state of democracy year-on-year, as there is a notable decline in political and civil rights, the electoral process, media freedom and the work of state institutions.

“There is no democracy without active citizens…Therefore, our campaign’s message is that it is not worth waiting for ‘this too shall pass’ because this is the only life we have. We are confident that the time has come to take an interest, to restart, to connect, to show solidarity…To be citizens in real life and not only on paper. And to accept the risk of hope,” the statement added.

(Novi Magazin, 31.05.2021)




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