CRTA: “Half of Serbian citizens trust pro-government media”

About 2/3 of Serbian citizens mostly inform themselves via television and half of them trust the “pro-government media”, according to the latest research conducted by the Centre for Development of Democracy and Transparency (CRTA), titled “Citizens’ Opinions on the Election Process”.

Vujo Ilic from CRTA says that 37% of respondents trust Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) the most, followed by TV stations Prva, Pink and N1, followed by Nova S, Happy and B92.

15% of the respondents do not trust any television. Ilic also says that the research showed that half of the citizens trust the pro-government media, about 17% trust the media that are critical of the government, 12% trust both, while 15% trust neither.

Ilic added that, according to the survey, about 40% of citizens believe that the state of democracy is improving, and these are mostly people who trust the pro-government media, while just over 25% of them believe that the state of democracy is deteriorating (the respondents who trust anti-government media).

Regarding authoritarianism or trust in “a strong leader”, Ilic pointed out that respondents’ opinions are very divided, due, as he explained, to “different interpretations of democracy.”

About 70% of respondents know that presidential elections will be held on April 3, 57% that parliamentary elections will be held while only 42% that local elections will also be held, and he added that respondents who follow anti-government media are the best informed about the latter.

Most of the respondents – 82% of them – said that in previous election rounds they received the written call to vote for all family members, about 9% of them did not receive it and about 6% said that they received the call even for people who once lived at that address but not anymore, for the people who were long deceased, as well as for those who had never lived at the address.

Ilic concluded that 22% of respondents don’t know that they can go to the polls even if they don’t receive the written call, and 11% weren’t sure.

(Novi Magazin, 14.03.2022)

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