CRTA: “Government domination in the media, intense campaign by officials, pressure on voters”

The non-governmental organization called CRTA has released new results on election campaign observation in the period from 4 March to 24 May (excluding the state of emergency), which show a minor imbalance in the media representation of the government and opposition, an intensification of the campaign by party officials and attempts to buy votes.

Media monitoring has shown a greater presence of opposition actors on national frequency TV stations although the media dominance of the government officials is clear. After the state of emergency was abolished, there has been a change in the tone of political actors in the media. Certain neutrality is present in relation to all three political groups: the government, the opposition participating in the elections and the opposition that will boycott the election.

This is stated in the summary of the Elections 2020 report.

CRTA filed seven complaints with the REM against media outlets

For the first time, the activity of some 300 politicians on social media, where there was increased opposition activity, was also measured.

In the period from 4 March to 24 May, an intensive election campaign was noted by party officials, who often used the start or completion of certain public construction works to appear on TV. The intensity of these activities increased by 40% after 12 May compared to the March campaign. This has also resulted in the increased presence of officials in the media, the report says.

CRTA submitted eight reports to the Anti-Corruption Agency regarding official campaigns, misuse of public resources and violations of funding regulations.

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Cases of corruption of voters through humanitarian activities were reported, as well as an increase in the number of party activities in the continuation of the campaign after the state of emergency was lifted, as indicated in the report’s summary.

The pressure on voters, which was recorded in 38 cases, was often made with the view of collecting signatures of support, through threats of dismissal or loss of social assistance.

CRTA also noted 17 cases of pressure on political actors, almost half of which referred to an unequal position during the collection and verification of signatures and the availability of notaries public, and five to physical attacks against activists and party premises by unidentified persons.

(Voice of America, 07.06.2020)


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