CRTA: Election conditions have not been improved

The Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) observation mission said that the electoral conditions ahead of the elections scheduled for June 2 have not been significantly improved.

The mission said that, when revising the electoral roll, the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government failed to include all the voters that the amendments to Law on the Unified Electoral Roll should apply and who fall in the category of the so-called “phantom voters.”

Presenting the findings of the mission’s long-term monitoring of the election campaign for Belgrade Assembly councillors, CRTA Programme Director, Raša Nedeljkov, underlined that the current electoral cycle could not be viewed separately from the electoral process related to the December elections.

“Looking at this process, we can say that this is an episode in a poor series of electoral conditions in which the conditions have not been improved,” Nedeljkov said at a press conference.

He added some progress had been made and various political actors and members of civil society got together and tried to talk.

The outcome of this process is two agreements, he said, explaining that one concerns the holding of elections for Belgrade and other cities and municipalities on June 2, while the other concerns voter migration.

Nedeljkov explained that this was an attempt to annul, that is, lessen the gravity of “the unacceptable way of influencing the will of voters in a community by amending the Law on the Unified Electoral Roll.”

He went on to say that, as an observation mission, CRTA tried to inspect that mechanism, to check whether and to what extent it is being implemented. The conclusion, he said, was that the revision did not include all the voters that it should have included.

Nedeljkov also said that other long-standing problems in the electoral process have worsened and that new cases and ways in which citizens are pressured and intimidated have been documented.

One of the main problems that have resulted in the vicious circle that we are in now is the phenomenon of impunity and the fact that the prosecution has not initiated any proceedings either ex officio or based on criminal complaints filed by CRTA, said Nedeljkov.

(Danas, 29.05.2024)

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