CRTA: 80 recommendations for the 2022 elections in Serbia

The non-governmental organization CRTA has prepared a list of 80 recommendations for the elections that should be held in Serbia in 2022.

Among other things, CRTA proposes the adoption of a single electoral law, the introduction of the obligation for the Constitutional Court to react within five days in the event of electoral disputes, the ban on extraordinary budget allocations for election campaigns 30 days before and 30 days after the campaign, electoral lists properly updated, etc.

In the segment of prevention of misuse of public resources, CRTA says that this area is one of the most important ones for improving the electoral conditions in Serbia. In order to fulfil their recommendations, smaller amendments of the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency, Law on Financing Political Activities and the Law on Public Enterprises are required and the change of the current practice of Anti-Corruption Agency.

The NGO advises that the authorities should ban the participation of public officials and public servants at public events organised by public institutions, define which activities could be included in the costs of the election campaign, prohibit any pressure to the employees in public enterprises and public administration concerning the support for political parties or candidates in the elections and introduce the obligation of delivering periodical Anti-Corruption Agency reports on the costs of the election campaign during the campaign.

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As for the voters’ right, CRTA advises that the Serbian authorities should enable the revision of the electoral roll for the appropriate sample under the international standards and recognised methodologies that would involve representatives of relevant institutions, parliamentary political parties, civil society organisations and the academic and international community.

Furthermore, the government should broadcast live on the electoral commission website the process of calculating and processing of the results received, publish all records on the work of the electoral committee, enable the presence of accredited observers to all the segments of electoral committees work, improve the protection of citizens’ personal data to prevent electoral pressure, enable citizens to inspect the electoral roll on the request and thus check if anyone voted instead of them, etc.

In the area of ensuring equal media participation of all election participants, CRTA says that the REM (state electronic media monitoring body) shall undertake to publish reports on media monitoring during the election campaign regularly, should decide on complaints within five days expand the scope of sanctions for broadcasters that fail to comply with the rules during the campaign, etc.

(Nova, 13.10.2020)

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