Croatia’s Vindija to open more chicken farms in Serbia

Apart from the distribution centre that covers the entire territory of Serbia, the Croatian company Vindija also has a chicken farm in the Serbian town of Lajkovac and it plans to open another five chicken farms plus a dairy and a modern slaughterhouse, which will employ 230 workers.

The company also plans to open two chicken farms in Ub – the president of the Lajkovac municipality, Zivorad Bojicic announces.

In  addition to the chicken farm in Dubrava, Croatia, this company has also bought land plots for new farms in Jabucje, Rubribreza and Strmovo, and the land is currently being used for free by local farmers until the construction starts.

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The municipality of Plandiste, however, believes that the seat of Vindija in Serbia should be located there, as Plandiste has a poultry processing facility with around 300 workers.

Vindija commenced the production in Plandiste in 2009, when it transformed the ruined facilities of the former Planima Company into modern, EU-standard facilities in only four months. They produce poultry-based products and also have three broiler farms.

The president of the Municipality of Lajkovac, Zivorad Bojicic, points out that the reasoning of the president of the Municipality of Plandiste is understandable, but adds that he is confident that the seat of Vindija will remain in Lajkovac, where the Croatian company has bought a dairy cooperative. The company has also bought an animal feed plant in Valjevo.

“They have great logistics here in Lajkovac and their entire management also comes from this area”, he said.

Vindija has not yet commented on the statement made by the president of the Municipality of Plandiste.

(Vecernje Novosti, 09.08.2018)


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