Croatia submits 84 amendments on EP’s resolution about Serbia

Out of the 325 amendments submitted to the European Parliament’s draft resolution on Serbia’s progress, Croatia’s representatives have filed a quarter of them – 84.

The Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti wrote about this on Monday, noting that the document was prepared by the European Parliament’s rapporteur for Serbia, David McAllister.

Croatian complaints are mainly related to “greater protection of the Croat minority in Serbia, demands for the return of cultural treasures, the issue of the state border, as well as the abolition of a Serbian law on universal jurisdiction in war crimes trials.”

According to the newspaper, the Croatians are also bothered by the arrest of Kosovo Albanian politician and a former KLA commander Ramush Haradinaj in France on a Serbian war crimes warrant, and accuse the country in one of the amendments of “taking on the role of the Little Hague (Tribunal).”

Cooperation between Belgrade and Moscow is another thorn in the side of official Zagreb, particularly the joint military exercises organized by Serbia and Russia, while other objections have to do with Serbia’s decision not to extradite to the Hague Tribunal three Serbian Radical Party officials wanted on contempt of court charges.

Croatia’s representatives also want the resolution to clearly state that bilateral issues will be solved at the beginning of the membership negotiations between Serbia and the EU. European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee should vote on a resolution’s text on 27th February, which should then be adopted at a plenary session in Strasbourg in March.

(B92, 24.01.2017)


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