Croatia claims it did not breach SAA

Croatia says that raising the import inspection fees for fruits and vegetables from the so-called third markets does not violate the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA).

It also says that the fees did not come under non-customs barriers, but rather under inspection supervision, and adds that the new fees were not exuberant at all.

“It costs money to perform a detail border control and it also entails a lot of work by border inspectors. Our decision to raise the control fees for imported fruits and vegetables is our right as an EU member state, and we don’t think that the fee of 2,000 kunas (or 270 euros) is not excessive at all compared to the fees charged by other EU member states”, Croatian Ministry of Agriculture says.

In reaction to Croatia’s measures, Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic said that Serbia would not ignore the latest move by Croatia, adding that it would protect its producers and exporters.

“Serbia will, yet again, demonstrate that it is a constructive and tolerant country, but, on the other hand, we are not going to ignore this and we will protect our producers and our exporters”, Brnabic said at the summit of the US-Adriatic Charter in Podgorica.

Brnabic added that the Croatian measures were “blatant violation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement” and that “Serbian government has sent a protest note to their Croatian counterparts, and their ministries of agriculture and trade, as well as a note to the European Commission”. The Serbian PM also hinted that the latest measures imposed by Croatia would be discussed at the summit’s working meeting.

“We have been talking to all the countries that are affected by this decision so that we can find a joint approach to this issue”, Brnabic said and added that Croatia’s measures did not contribute at all to the economic integration and cooperation in the region.

(Politika, 02.08.2017)


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