Crisis Unit still undecided about relaxing anti-corona measures during holidays

If the downward trend in the number of people infected with the coronavirus continues, the government’s Crisis Unit could revise its decision on stores working until 5 pm.

If they do change the decision, the stores (other than groceries) might be opened during weekends too, until 3 pm.

Most Crisis Unite measures support the relaxation of the current measures. However, the medical members of the Unit are adamant that the measures should continue as they are, in order for the number of infected people to continue to decline and to avoid a new outbreak which the health care system could hardly handle considering that hospitals are already full.

On its meeting on Friday, the Crisis Unit will also consider the measures for the New Year and Christmas holidays, but they will first wait to see how the epidemiological situation will develop. If new measures are devised, they won’t be approved before December 26.

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The medical part of the Crisis Unit has already presented a proposal to cancel all New Year’s celebrations although there is no agreement and the decision has been postponed.

There are several options in circulation, including the one of a curfew on New Year’s Eve, but Unit is not considering such a measure at all, at least for now, nor do any of the members support it.

Doctors from the Crisis Unit want the curfew to last from 5 pm on December 31st to January 1st and that everything, except pharmacies and petrol stations, should be closed in that period.

Experts also say that private parties and gatherings are currently the biggest problem, both now and on New Year’s Eve, and expect the state authorities to prevent this with tougher control.

(B92, 17.12.2020)


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