Crime Stoppers app available in Serbia as of December

A unique mobile phone application, called Crime Stoppers, which has been in use for years all over the world, will be available in Serbia from December, and a $1,000 reward will be given to anyone whose anonymous tip leads to an arrest – the Beta news agency reported.

Via Crime Stoppers users can share any information or photo with the state relevant institutions such as the Interior Ministry (MUP) / the police or the State Security and Intelligence Service (BIA), while the reward money is provided by the US-based central office of Crime Stoppers.

The Politika daily reports that anyone who sends in information or a photo will immediately receive a return message and a “code” that will tell them if they are entitled to a reward.

The project completely protects the anonymity of anyone who through the mobile application is a witness to a crime.

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The agreement on the use of this application was recently concluded by the Belgrade International Institute for Security and Crime Stoppers Global Solutions – CSGS.

Dr Orhan Dragas, director of the International Institute for Security, says that Crime Stoppers is a non-governmental project and is convinced that it will give good results in our country.

“Experiences from America, Britain, Western Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world where Crime Stoppers is used are excellent. The app’s contribution to the reduction of crime is high. Citizens who report information are protected and are not at risk from revenge”, Dragas said.

He also says that neither the prize money nor any other aspect of Crime Stoppers has anything to do with the state, except that the state institutions are the end beneficiaries of the information.

Asked about the way in which this application would function in Serbia, Dragas said that partners from the United States committed themselves to provide full training and technical support through the cooperation agreement.

“Crime Stoppers Serbia will function via a special application for smartphones that will be in the Serbian language. Citizens who report a crime in this way are not asked to leave any personal data but will get the ‘code’. If it turns out that the citizen’s information led to the criminal being caught, the app user will find this out by checking whether his code number has appeared on our platform. And that will be the confirmation that they will receive a cash prize from Crime Stoppers. Anonymity is guaranteed from the beginning to the end”, Dragas explains.

He says that the reason why Crime Stoppers has been so successful is that the app eliminates the reasons why witnesses of crime never come forward and report the crime.

(eKapija, 13.11.2018)

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