COVID passes to be abolished in Serbia?

Although Serbia is not considering the abolition of preventive measures against coronavirus pandemic, such as wearing facial masks, physical distancing and disinfection, it is expected that COVID passes will be abolished, Euronews Serbia reports.

COVID passes (also known as green certificates) are still in force in Serbia and are needed for entry into catering establishments, casinos and betting shops after 20:00h.

At first, inspectors were regularly in the field checking whether people are complying with the measure, but as soon as the number of people infected with the coronavirus began to decline, the control was much less rigorous and more sparse.

“We will evaluate all the measures in place. The preventive measures – such as wearing masks, keeping physical distance and disinfection – will remain in place as long as the virus is around. We will not abolish them while it lasts. However, we will analyze the effects of  COVID passes and whether they still make sense,” the government’s Crisis Response Team has said.

COVID passes are currently valid for seventh months, starting with the date when a person received its last (second or third) vaccine or the date when a person was infected with the coronavirus. However, the National Committee for Immunization has recently confirmed that the validity of COVID pass will be extended for the vaccinated people, or the pass might become valid for an indefinite period of time.

(Euronews Serbia, 02.03.2022)


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