COVID numbers down

Comparing Mondays in the last four weeks, not only is the number of registered cases of COVID-19 decreasing, but also the percentage of infected compared to those tested, which is encouraging.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Serbia on Monday, 15th March, was 4,634, out of 15,265 people tested, or 30.3%.

A week later, out of 14,474 people tested, 4,769 were positive, so the percentage of infected people had jumped to 32.9%. Thereafter the numbers started to fall.

Thus, on 29th March, there were 4,516 new cases of coronavirus, 32% of the 14,079 tested. A week later, another 3,706 infected people were registered, or 26.5% of the 13,974 tested.

Now, the numbers are even lower, 2,965 new positives, or 23.3% of the 12,767 tested. The hope, therefore, is that the current wave of the epidemic in Serbia has taken a downward trajectory and that there will be fewer and fewer positives in the coming days.

(Nova, 12.04.2021)


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