COVID-19 Info Centre established

By calling 19819, citizens can obtain advice and recommendations from experts regarding combating the coronavirus and contact the relevant professional services throughout the country.

The Info Centre’s opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. The call is toll-free for users of all networks, both ground and mobile telephony users.

Info Centre for the elderly

The Serbian government has also established a call centre for the elderly (phone number 19920).

By calling this number, senior citizens can ask for help with the delivery of food, medicine and other groceries in cities and municipalities where volunteer services are provided. Calling the Info Centre is toll-free, both for ground and mobile telephony users.

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Viber Information Service

In cooperation with the company Rakuten Viber CEE, the government has launched the automated COVID-19 info-service on the Viber platform to provide citizens with verified information, important news and answers to questions about the COVID-19.

People can access this service via the Viber app or via the link on the official website .

In addition, all app users will receive a message with a link that will lead them to the COVID-19 information service, where, by choosing the answers from the offered menus or asking their questions, they can get useful information.

The COVID-19 information service will be constantly updated with the most frequently asked questions by users.

(B92, 24.03.2020)



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