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President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has arrived to Beijing to participate in the World Economic Forum, more often referred to as “Summer Davos”. According to the World Economic Forum’s official statement this Conference will be dedicated to the fourth industrial revolution and will be the biggest ever with more than 2,000 thousand participants from 100 countries.

With regard to Serbia, President Vucic, as already said, commented on the eve of his visit to China that his visit will be one of the most significant he has ever made both in economic and political terms. He said that some of the largest Chinese companies showed their interest in discussing with us and that he expects to return with good news for our citizens which in turn will further increase our economic growth.

During his three-day visit to China, Serbian President will meet today in Beijing with representatives of large Chinese companies and banks. According to the program, during his second day of stay in China’s capital Vucic will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and after the meeting signing of bilateral agreements will take place.

As announced earlier, Vucic and Xi Jinping will verify a specifically designated economic package consisting of at least 10 economic agreements by which it will not only be found a solution for RTB Bor but will also enable Serbia to secure capital investment funds worth over 1,5 billion dollars for developing infrastructural projects in the fields of traffic, agriculture, industry and information technologies.

President Xi Jinping will be present during the signing of two agreements with Serbia, on concession contracts and a loan for a ring road construction – something which according to Chinese official, the President usually does not do.

This is, in fact, the fifth meeting of the two Presidents.

On Wednesday, the Serbian President will meet with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the “Summer Davos” session in Tianjin. According to Tanjug, Mr Vucic will be present during the 12th annual meeting “New Winners” organized by the World Economic Forum, and will also meet Hebei province Governor Xu Qin, XBIS representatives, and Klaus Martin Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

China’s investments have been present in Serbia for some time now through a number of major projects carried out by Chinese companies and it is China that at certain point actually ‘saved’ the steel mill in Smederevo. On the eve of Vucic’s visit, Chinese company Zijin Mining Group Ltd., was chosen to be a strategic partner of RTB Bor. Chinese investor plans allocating 1.46 billion dollars for the project and the company has also committed additional 350 million dollars capital increase fund for RTB Bor.

Upon announcing the name of a company chosen to be a strategic partner of RTB Bor, Vucic said that Chinese are most powerful and that they have for quite some time now been strongly influencing the world copper market and that this certainly is very good for the whole eastern part of Serbia.

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On the eve of his visit to China, President Vucic, as already mentioned, stressed that he expects a number of new contracts and singled out as most significant one to be the agreement with Zijin Mining for RTB Bor, benefits of which will be felt in 2020. He added that this would contribute additional 1,5 per cent to the annual economic growth.

He also said that signing an almost billion dollars’ worth agreement with Linglong will change nearly everything in Zrenjanin but that it will also make a significant impact on development of southern Banat and entire Serbia. He also announced cooperation with China and the Chinese Bank on the project of the Belgrade ring road, the Corridor 10 and other infrastructural projects. Vucic added that during this visit he expects to solve the problem of the Industrial park, too.

As China is one of our most important international partners, this Summer Davos conference will be also an opportunity to discuss Kosovo issue.

Members of the Serbian delegation are Vice President of the Serbian government and Infrastructure, Construction and Traffic Minister Zorana Mihajlovic, Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, Mining and Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic, and National Bank Governor Jorgovanka Tabakovic.

According to TV RTS, the Finance Minister said that there will be contracts signed which will “completely transform Serbia.”

“This can be taken as a proof of never better relations between Serbia and China, and it is up to us to use the following few days, especially when President Vucic meets President Xi Jinping, to open some new issues during bilateral talks. Every new topic translates into a new kilometer of the highway in Serbia, into a new factory in Serbia, new jobs and this why the visit is of crucial importance to us”, said Mali.

New Investors Arrive in October

Chinese Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Mr. Li Manchang said that he himself considers every agreement of the ten ones that will be signed between Serbia’s delegation and China during President Vucic’s visit to be equally important.

In his statetment for TV RTS, he said announced a visit to Serbia of many more Chinese partners in October. “We have made a very important second step which provides for substantial Chinese investments and that mainly into industry, in industrial products”, said the Ambassador.

According to Tanjug, when asked to comment the current negotiations in Brussels , he said that China as a friendly country would be very happy if Belgrade and Pristina would find a mutually beneficial agreement. “We support Serbian policy as held by President Vucic”, pointed out Ambassador Li Manchang.

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