Countries with highest number of cancer patients – How does Serbia fare?

According the World Health Organization, Denmark has the highest number of cancer patients – 335 per 100,000 people, followed by Ireland with 326 and Belgium with 322.

Hungary is also at the very top, in 4th place, with 321 recorded cases per 100,000 inhabitants. France is fifth with 320 cases, followed by the Netherlands with 315. Australia and Norway share the 7th and 8th place respectively with 312 patients per 100,000 people.

Of the former Yugoslav republics, Slovenia has the highest number of recorded cases – 300. Serbia is in 14th place with 291 cases per 100,000 people, while Croatia is in 18th place with 284.

According to statisticians, the number of recorded cases of cancer is due to several factors – aging the population and lifestyle (a lot of stress, sedentary lifestyle, consuming a lot of processed food), but also a more advanced health system, which includes screening programmes and general awareness of the importance of preventive check-ups.

In 2022, more than 42,000 people in Serbia learned that they suffered from some type of cancer.

As many as 7,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer, 4,600 people were diagnosed with breast cancer, while more than 4,000 people in Serbia were diagnosed with colon cancer, Milan Žegarac, director of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, says.

A high incidence rate has been recorded for years in both prostate and cervical cancer. On average, 16 people are diagnosed with the deadliest forms of cancer every day, while 13 people lose their battle with this disease every day.

Smoking is the main risk factor for lung cancer and is responsible for the occurrence of this disease in approximately 90 percent of men and 80 percent of women.

(Dnevnik, 25.03.2024)

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