Council of Europe contacted about the abuse of worker’s rights at Kaizen

Civil movement from Smederevo, Tvrdjava has submitted a complaint to the European Committee of Social Rights, which operates under Council of Europe, because “the relevant institutions in Serbia have done nothing as yet to solve the workers’ problems in the Turkish textile plant Kaizen in Smederevo”.

“We have strong reasons to believe that, in this case, the European Social Charter has been violated in Article 4, which refers to the right to equitable remuneration, and in Article 5 concerning the workers’ right to organize,” the statement said.

The movement stated that the employer also violated domestic regulations in Serbia, such as the Serbian Constitution, labour and strike laws.

“This attitude towards workers in Serbia is inexcusable and the Tvrdjava movement is appealing to institutions to start doing what they are supposed to and protect the workers,” the statement added.

Textile company, Kaizen, a part of the Turkish company Kardem, has started production in Smederevo two years ago.

About 300 employees in the factory, mostly women, stopped the production because the employer owed them several wages and overtime compensation for the past six months.

They also claim that they work almost every day, between 10 and 12 hours.

(N1, 16.05.2018)

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