Corridor 10: Ministry rejects new plan by Aktor

Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure said that the plan presented by the Aktor Company, which has been building four segments on the Corridor 10, was not realistic, or compliant with the contractual obligations. The company submitted the plan to the Ministry on 31st January.

The Ministry has also said that it will inform both the contractor (Aktor) and the developer / investor (the Corridors of Serbia Company) of its decision by the end of this week.

Construction Minister, Zorana Mihajlovic has met with the Executive Director of Aktor, Dimitrios Koutras in order to discuss the situation with the construction of the Serbia-Bulgaria motorway.

“We have four contracts with Aktor. This is not a small company since they operate in the entire region, but it seems that they are having certain financial difficulties and have not hired enough workers to finish the motorway segments. What they have been doing is just relocating workers from one site to another. Out of a total of 48km of the motorway, which they are supposed to build, they only completed just over a half”, the Minister has said.

To remind, the Corridors of Serbia Company failed to properly monitor the works executed on the motorway segments in the direction of Bulgaria, built by the Aktor Company, and did not terminate the agreement with the contractor which failed to meet its contractual obligations. The Greek construction company, Aktor received over 23 million EUR in advance payments for extra work that was not covered by the aforementioned agreement. All of this was mentioned in a report compiled by the Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.02.2017)

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