Coronavirus: three more deaths in Serbia, Europe is gradually relaxing anti-corona measures

While the Serbian government has decided to reopen outdoor markets and allow people over 65 years of age to spend limited time outdoors, countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany and Albania are also starting to ease their measures.

In the last 24 hours, there have been 312 new cases of coronavirus in Serbia, and three more people have died, making a total of 125.

Some European countries, including Germany, Poland, Norway, the Czech Republic and Albania, have started to gradually ease the measures, while France and Spain have decided to maintain the existing measures for several more weeks.

The total number of infected people worldwide is 2,420,000, more than 166,000 have died and over 635,000 have been cured so far.

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What is the situation in Serbia?

According to the latest data, three more people have died and 312 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the country which brings a total to 6,630 infected and 125 dead. 41,812 people have been tested since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the last five days, there have been more discharges than hospitalizations, said provincial health secretary Zoran Gojkovic.

In the last 24 hours, 140 patients have been discharged from the clinical centre in Niš and temporary hospitals to home isolation, reports the RTS TV.

Gojkovic went on to say that rapid tests are underway and that the number of executed tests will peak June and July.

RTS also reports a new laboratory has been opened at the Clinical Centre of Serbia, which will carry out daily 2,000 tests for COVID-19.

(Danas, 20.04.2020)


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