Coronavirus out of Serbian news headlines

In the period from 28 March to 3 April 2022, the predominant topics in the Serbian TV news were those that related to world affairs (28.57%), followed by domestic news (16.88%), politics (16.02%), sports (14.29%), society (13.42%), economy (6.06%), culture (2.60%) and news from the region (2.16%).

The data collated by the media monitoring agency, Kliping, show that the three most discussed topics in the national TV news programmes (RTS 1, TV B92, TV Prva, TV Pink and Happy TV) and regional and cable TV stations such as N1, were the war in Ukraine (23.81%), the elections in Serbia (11.26%) and the accident at the Soko mine (6.93%).

World affairs news was marked by the war in Ukraine last week, while the tragedy at the Soko mine, in which eight miners died, dominated the national non-political news. As far as political news goes, general elections in Serbia were the main topic. 

In terms of sports news, the Serbian national football team’s qualification for the World Cup in Qatar took centre stage (6.49%). Other important news included the contract signed by the Serbian Ministry of Health for the purchase of 190 state-of-the-art CT scanners and digital X-ray equipment for 167 hospitals in the country, worth almost EUR 48 million. Also, the most popular health-related news was that the number of coronavirus cases has dropped below 1,000 a day (only 2.6% of news airtime was dedicated to this topic).

Energy prices in Serbia were the topic that marked the economic news (2.16%). The central culture-related news was the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre (JDP) in Belgrade (1.73%).

(Cenzolovka, 10.04.2022)



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