Coronavirus has reduced sales of new vehicles, but sales of used vehicles are going up

While the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia has led to a reduction in sales of new cars by 30%, it did not have the same effect on used vehicles which sales increased from 5 to 7%.

According to data from the State Statistical Office, 35,073 cars were registered in Serbia in the second quarter of 2020, of which 14.8% were up to two years old.

The best-selling car brands in Serbia are Volkswagen, Opel, Peugeot, Renault and Audi. Of the total number of registered cars, 66.8% use diesel, while 29.9% use petrol.

The Secretary-General of the Serbian Association of Importers of New Cars and Car Parts, Boban Nikolić, said that the demand has decreased due to the pandemic, which has led to a drop in sales compared to the same period last year.

“When it comes to the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic, I have not seen it yet and I do not know what methodology was used for collating the data. What I know for sure is that, in the first seven months of this year, 15,000 new vehicles and about 85,000 used ones were registered in Serbia. During the state of emergency, car registration activity was reduced. The relevant departments of the Interior did not work, so there was a period in which it was not possible to carry out the car registration process. The situation improved slightly in May and June,” said Nikolić.

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When it comes to new vehicles, there has obviously been a drop in sales of around 30% compared to 2019.

“Due to the pandemic, many people have been working from home, less transportation is used, and this has affected new car sales. It is true that if there hadn’t been for the coronavirus, the sales would have been at least similar to that in 2019, ”explained Nikolić.

On the other hand, importers of used vehicles had no problems with declining sales.

“On the contrary! According to the data I have, the percentage of used vehicles sold in Serbia in the first seven months increased from 5 to 7%. The upward trend of sales of used vehicles is present year-on-year.  year. The reason why the sales are not decreasing, in spite of the coronavirus epidemic, in our region lies in the fact that drivers can buy used cars at very low prices. The main problem is that these vehicles can be up to 20 years old,” concludes Nikolić.

(Danas, 31.08.2020)




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