Convocation of the new Belgrade Assembly postponed again

The constitutive session of the Belgrade Assembly was postponed for a second time with outgoing Mayor Aleksandar Šapić claiming that the postponement was deliberate.

Šapić told reporters that Councilor Toma Fila would re-schedule the session for March 3, which is the final deadline to convene the new Assembly.

The outgoing Mayor said that the ruling coalition decided to raise the level of legitimacy and try to reach an agreement with Branimir Nestorović’s We the People Movement but things changed because the movement broke apart in the meantime. Nestorović’s movement was supposed to be a deciding factor in the Belgrade Assembly, giving the ruling coalition (SNS-SPS) the majority in the Assembly or making new elections inevitable.

Speaking after Friday’s consultations on a new national government with President Aleksandar Vucic, Movement spokesman Aleksandar Pavic said that the political group would remain the opposition both in the Serbian Parliament and Belgrade City Assembly. Pavic broke away from other We the People Movement founders with Nestorovic following disagreements over its leadership.

At the Assembly session, Serbia Against Violence (SPN) councillors held signs claiming election fraud, calling for a new vote and other messages.

Speaking to reporters after the session was re-scheduled, opposition officials repeated their earlier claims that the ruling coalition failed to win the Belgrade city elections, adding that new elections are imminent.

(B92, 01.03.2024)

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