Contract with Vinci Airports to be revealed in September

Serbian citizens, who were given one free share of Nikola Tesla Airport that they did not sell in the meantime, are entitled to a dividend based on a one-off concession fee that the airport concessionaire Vinci Airports will pay to the Serbian government, but are also entitled to a dividend paid out each year during the 25-year duration of the concession – Tanjug reports.

The concession contract does not stipulate transfer of the ownership over Nikola Tesla Airport to Vinci, nor does the concessionaire acquire the right to dispose of the Airport’s shares. The contract also stipulates that, during the period of the concession, Nikola Tesla Airport will disburse the dividend profit on the basis of the decision made by the Airport’s Shareholders Assembly.

The concessionaire of the Belgrade airport, Vinci Airports, offered to pay the one-off concession fee in the amount of 501 million EUR through a dividend – i.e. 417 million EUR will be paid to the Serbian government and 84 million EUR will be paid to the small shareholders.

The dividend is paid out to the shareholders in line with the rules pertaining to the shares they owned on the Dividend Date. 

“The Dividend Date falls on 31st December of the year relative to which the profit is distributed and is defined by the Statute of AD ANT Beograd (Shareholding Company Nikola Tesla Airport) in line with the company’s Articles of Association. The company can also pay an interim dividend at any time between the regular General Meetings, if certain legally defined prerequisites have been met and depending on the generated revenues. The right to be paid the interim dividend is exercised by shareholders on the interim dividend record date”, the government says.

According to the latest data from the Central Securities Depository, Serbian citizens currently own 3,297,810 shares of Nikola Tesla Airport, making up 9.6% of the total share number.

Citizens of Serbia are due to receive RSD 1,468 per share from the concession, and if they did not sell the previously allocated shares and did not collect the dividend, they will be entitled to receive RSD 11,335 each.

The Concession Agreement with the French airport operator, Vinci Airport will be publicly revealed following the financial completion of the transaction, that is, the payment of the one-off concession compensation, planned for September this year.

 (SeeBiz, 24.03.2018)


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