Contract on construction of Belgrade-Niš fast railroad to be signed

Serbian Finance Minister, Sinisa Mali, said in the National Assembly of Serbia that the agreement on the construction of the Belgrade-Nis-Presevo fast raildroad would be signed on December 22. The railroad will be used by trains that can run up to 200 km/h and will become operational in the upcoming years.

“I would like to inform you that, on December 22, in about ten days, we will sign an agreement on the construction of the Belgrade-Nis fast railway. In the same way that passengers now travel on the Belgrade-Novi Sad fast railway, in three years’ time, they will be able to travel on a fast train from Belgrade to Budapest, as well as from Belgrade to Nis and Presevo,” the minister said.

He didn’t discuss concrete deadlines or the beginning of the construction works, but Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, did earlier mention that the deadline would be  2026.

The railroad will be 204 kilometres long and the commuting time between Belgrade and Nis will be an hour and twenty minutes.

The construction of a fast railway from Belgrade to Nis, and then all the way to Presevo and the border with North Macedonia, was Vucic in late April 2021, during his visit to Brussels. At that time, he said that the project would be partially financed from EU funds.

(, 08.12.2022)

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