Continental to open its second plant near Novi Sad in September

Construction work of the second Continental Automotive plant in Kać, near Novi Sad, is almost done – the building will span over 30,000 m2 of production and office space and will be one of Continental’s largest plants in the world.

“The arrival of a company like Continental is not only economically important but has a wider social significance. We invested 1.4 billion dinars from Novi Sad’s budget in this endeavour. The factory is due to open in September. It will first of such kind in this area and hopefully not the last,’ said the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, during the visit to the construction site.

“This factory is just the beginning of a complex system. We have purchased 31 hectares of land in the Kać area, the location of Continental’s largest factory. The systems we produce here, like complex dashboards, do not exist on the market, because we are currently designing them with engineers,” said Continental’s general manager in Serbia, Saša Ćoringa.

Construction of the Kać plant began in June last year. Upon completion, this will be a mega factory with digitised production processes, four times larger than the first one that opened last year in North Zone 4 in Novi Sad. The most innovative electronics for vehicle interiors will be produced at the Kać factory, such as large displays for the world’s leading premium car brands.

(eKapija, 13.07.2022)


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