Construction of subway in Belgrade to start in 2020

The Belgrade subway will be built in stages, and the beginning of the construction of the first line is planned for 2020. This is specified by the General Regulation Plan of Belgrade, in its railroad segment, which was adopted by a majority vote on 26th June by Belgrade’s MPs.

“Our job is to commence the construction of the subway by 2020 and we will succeed” , Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said at the session.

According to him, the plan stipulates two subway lines and four BG Voz lines, integrated into a single system.

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“This entails that we are going to connect Lazarevac and Mladenovac, and add more BG Voz lines to Surcin and the airport. The expansion of the tram network to Zemun, Makisko Polje, through the city’s centre, is also planned, and the feasibility studies have already been drafted”, Vesic added.

He said that the costs of building the first line had been estimated at EUR 1.3 billion, whereas both lines should cost over EUR 4 billion to build.

“We will finance it together with the Serbian budget, as this is a project of national importance”, Vesic said.

Talking about the decision to draft the General Regulation Plan for railroad systems in Belgrade, the Belgrade City Architect, Milutin Folic said that the decision marked the beginning of the technical part of the realization of the subway project.

“We have a really intelligent plan. In line with the pre-feasibility study, which was drafted in cooperation with France’s Egis, we are currently in a stage of drafting a relevant decree, to be followed by the preparation of the plan which will ensure that the construction of the subway begins in late 2020”, Folic underlined.

(SeeBiz, 27.06.2018)


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