Construction of Promenada starts in Novi Sad

The construction of a shopping mall at the corner of Bulevar Oslobodjenja and Bulevar Cara Lazara, near Novi Sad’s SPENS, has officially begun, funded by the South African company, NEPI.

In preparation for the construction of a magnificent Promenada shopping mall, P.A.B. Excavators and trucks of Vrsac-based company have already been excavating and transporting soil from what is considered the most expensive piece of land in Novi Sad.

The first leasees of the space inside the shopping mall, which will span on more than 140,000 square meters, and was designed by architect Djordje Bajilo from Novi Sad, should move in around 5th December, 2018.

The South African company NEPI Real Estate, which has shopping centers around the world, is funding the construction of the Promenada shopping mall. In order to build it, the company bought the most expensive and most attractive piece of land in Novi Sad. As previously announced by the investor, over 60 million EUR would be invested in the new shopping mall which will employ about 1,500 workers.

NEPI Real Estate once allocated EUR 31 million for the land, or approximately EUR 10 million ( RSD 1.2 billion) more than the asking price.

(eKapija, 14.06.2017)

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