Construction of Chinese industrial park to begin in mid-2019

The construction of the Chinese industrial park in Belgrade should begin in mid-2019, and the first economic effects will become apparent in late 2019 – it was said at the “The Belt and Road Initiative in the Balkans”conference, held in Belgrade.

In the first stage, the industrial park will bring Serbia USD 2.6 billion in direct investments, a representative of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) said.

The idea is for the industrial park to attract 70 companies from China, the representative said and added that companies which produce food and furniture will occupy the park in the first phase.

The CRBC representative went on to say that China would also like to attract other European and international companies to the industrial park and pointed out that Serbian companies would work there as well.

“The operations of this industrial park will comply with the EU regulations”, he pointed out.

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The industrial park will be the first such project in Europe and a model for industrial parks in other countries.

The CRBC  representative also said that the first effects of the operations of the industrial park will be noticeable in late 2019, and that the construction was due to start in mid-2019.

In the first phase, the park will house mostly production companies, especially those in the food processing sector, but there will also be logistics companies, whereas, in the second and the third phase, there will also be companies from other fields.

“We need bear in mind Serbia’s advantages, particularly those in the food production and processing sector. Serbia has a good agricultural basis and we need those products”, said Chinese Ambassador to Belgrade, Li Manchang.

He added that China imported plenty of agricultural products each year and announced that the import to China from Serbia would also commence.

“The trade deficit gap between China and Serbia will thereby be bridged, which is very important for Serbia”, the Ambassador added.

(Politika, 10.12.2018)


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