Construction of BioSense Institute in Novi Sad begins

 The groundbreaking ceremony took place on the construction site of the Biosense Institute in Novi Sad, which has been designated as the European Centre of Excellence.

The ceremony was attended by top government officials, including Prime Minister Ana Brnabić who underlined the Institute’s importance for the progress of science in Serbia and further positioning of the country on the global innovation map.

Brnabić added that the start of construction of the building that will house the Institute will help spread the image of Serbia as a country that can offer innovations, intelligence and work, and not a country that offers only cheap labour.

The construction of the Biosense building will be financed through the Antares project, worth 28 million euro. The construction work on this building alone will cost more than 7 million euro, which came from a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The new headquarters of the European Centre of Excellence will span almost 7,000 square metres.

“I would like to thank the EIB and the European Union for recognising the importance of this project because our partners have also told us that Biosense will become a European Centre of Excellence in Europe. It is the only Centre of Excellence in Europe outside the European Union,” Brnabic went on to say.

As previously announced, the new building will be unique in the country, because thanks to the special anti-vibration characteristics of the structure, it will enable the use of the latest scientific equipment necessary for the development of micro- and nano-electronics, sensors and other devices. In this way, Serbian farmers will have a powerful tool in their work, as well as healthier and higher yields, as the new building will facilitate research and work for the scientists from Biosense.

(RTS, 25.05.2021)

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