Construction of Belgrade subway to start in 2020

The construction of the Belgrade subway may start as soon as 2020 if all the preparatory works and tendering procedures go according to plan.

The City of Belgrade has launched the public procurement procedure for the preparation of the general regulation plan for the rail system with elements of detailed development for the first phase of the subway line. The company that wins the contract will have to perform a geodetic survey and prepare a digital topographic plan.

According to the current plan, the first line will run from Makis near Zeleznik, through Zarkovo, Bele Vode, Trgovacka and Pozeska streets, via Ada Ciganlija, the Ada Bridge, the Belgrade Fair, Belgrade Waterfront, the Sava Square, the Republic Square, through Francuska Street, the Danube Station, the Pancevo Bridge, Visnjicka Street, Salvadora Aljendea Street, to Mirijevo, where the end-terminal should be located.

This was confirmed by Belgrade City Chief Architect, Milutin Folic. According to him, a pre-feasibility study is currently being drafted by the French company, Egis. According to the plan, the first subway line will run from Zeleznik to Mirijevo, and the second one from Ustanicka Street to Zemun.

The study should be completed this spring. Once the study is finalized, the city authorities can launch a tendering procedure. If everything goes according to plan, a public procurement procedure will be instigated for the planning, construction and financing of the subway project.

“Once the pre-feasibility study is done, we will know how the entire system will be built, whether through use of tunnel boring machines, or the cut-and-cover method. The latter is much cheaper and is suitable for the Novi Beograd segments of the second line, owing to the fact that this part of Belgrade has wide streets”, Folic says.

“The subway lines are based on a traffic analysis, not through some arbitrary method and assumptions. The Master Plan contains the precise numbers of passengers and vehicles,” explains Folic.

Idea for a subway in Belgrade dates back to 1958

The idea for Belgrade to have a subway Belgrade was first introduced in 1958 when architect Nikola Dabovic had the idea that a subway should be built that would pass under Kalemegdan, Terazije, Slavija and Cubura.

The idea of subway was further expanded in the 1970s, when the city government drafted the General Spatial Planning Plan, based on transporting passengers via an independent rail, or a subway. The Plan did envisage two subway lines from Zemun to Vuk’s Monument and from Dorcol to Autokomanda. The construction plan envisaged additional seven lines and the city government even set up the Subway Department at that time.

(B92, 31.01.2019)






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