Construction is not stopping; record number of issued building permits in March

“Building permits for the construction of facilities spanning a total of 300,000 square metres were issued in March, more than in February and January,” says Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

“Construction has not stopped even in this situation and we are very happy to see that, because we are securing a good future, which is very important,” said Vesic for the Prva TV.

He added that, despite the circumstances aggravated by the state of emergency, no construction site in Belgrade, neither public nor private, has closed.

“Construction sites are adhering to all new measures; let’s not stop, because when the epidemic passes we have to live off something, and with the construction going on as it is, it will be easier for us to make up for the lost time,” he concluded.

(B92, 03.04.2020)

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