Congressman Ted Poe:”US supports Vucic’s position”

“The United States supports the position of the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, that Belgrade and Pristina need to reach an agreement on their own, without external influence”, said Congressman Ted Poe, at the meeting with the Serbian President Vucic in Belgrade.

Poe is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Serbian Caucus in the US. He has “supported the stance that Belgrade and Pristina must be given space and time to reach a mutual agreement,” Aleksandar Vucic’s office said.

Vucic thanked Poe for his long-running engagement within the Serbian Caucus and his support in strengthening relations between Serbia and the US and the better understanding of Serbia’s position and politics within the US administration.

Vucic has also thanked Congressman Poe on the letter that he has, together with seven other congressmen, sent to the US State Secretary (Mike) Pompeo four days ago in which they ask for bigger US support for Serbia in regard to Kosovo, saying the support would reflect a “serious approach toward the situation in the Western Balkans, which helps everyone in the region.” 

“The Trump administration, and in particular Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo), have shown that they want better relations with Serbia and want Serbia and Pristina to resolve the conflict that has never been solved in the past. I think that’s good,” Poe said.

The Texas congressman also said that he had a good meeting with Prime Minister Anne Brnabic, adding that he was impressed with both Brnabic and Vucic. He added that “Serbia is in good hands when it comes to both of the state officials and their programmes.”

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“The United States wants to continue to help the prime minister and the president in helping Serbia to have a stronger influence in the region, We support the president’s position (in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue) in an effort for the two parties to reach an agreement without external influence … This is the main message that I conveyed to the president and the prime minister,” Congressman Poe said.

He expressed his belief that the US government had a more positive attitude towards Serbia, and that Washington should do everything in its power for the US and Serbia to have as close relations as possible.

Poe also noted that he was “a great admirer of Serbia”, adding that Serbia is key to the stability of the entire region, and that stability can facilitate additional US investments.

Commenting on the letter that he sent to Secretary Pompeo together with seven other US congressmen, Poe said that he “feels very positive about it” and that he “encourages the United States to continue the policy that has already been developed and have stronger relations with Serbia”.

Poe also announced that he was withdrawing from the Congress since he did not take part in the elections on Tuesday, but noted that he would still be active in the Serbian caucus.

The Missouri Democrat, Emanuel Cleaver, is the second chairman of the Serbian Caucus Coalition, and, according to Poe, he doesn’t know who is going to be his successor although several members have shown interest.

“The members of the Serbian Caucus come from both parties because the caucus is more efficient when you have both a Republican and a Democrat as a co-chair, which is one of the reasons why we have been quite successful. The caucus has done some good things as it raises awareness of the importance of long-term relations between Serbia and the United States,” Poe added.

(B92, 03.11.2018)

Photo credits: Tanjug / Sava Radovanovic



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