Condé Nast: Belgrade one of the 10 friendliest cities in Europe

The Condé Nast Traveller UK magazine included Belgrade in its list of friendliest cities in Europe according to the 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Serbia’s capital Belgrade ranked 5th on the list of 10 friendliest cities, better than other cities in the region such Croatia’s Adriatic resort of Dubrovnik which ranked 8th, Romania’s capital Bucharest which ranked 9th and Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana which ranked 10th.

The ranking on the website said that Belgrade is “a creative enclave, on first impressions, the Serbian capital may not be the most classically beautiful city. Still, its cobbled streets, brutalist buildings and contrasting architecture have a certain charm. Fashion, art and music scenes are bubbling away here, which are well worth exploring”.

The website also said that the factors used to judge a city include history, architecture and an arts scene as well as gastronomy, as well as that the cities of Europe are home to some of the friendliest people in the world.

The top 10 friendliest cities in Europe are:

  1. Siena, Italy (98.33 points out of 100)
  2. Cork, Ireland (97.00)
  3. Dublin, Ireland (95.37)
  4. Helsinki, Finland (95.00)
  5. Belgrade, Serbia (94.55)
  6. Malaga, Spain (94.19)
  7. San Sebastian, Spain (92.67)
  8. Dubrovnik, Croatia (92.61)
  9. Bucharest, Romania (92.5)
  10. Ljubljana, Slovenia (92.31)

(B92, 25.10.2023)

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