Concert season in Belgrade: L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres and Ian Gillan

For the first time, the Belgrade audience will be able to enjoy in a musical circus with six multi-instrumentalists and a hundred objects performing Tom Waits’ songs. This one-of-a-kind performance/cabaret by Quebec-based L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres will take place at Dom Omladine, on 31st October, at 8pm.

Armed with the colourful repertoire of legendary American music icon Tom Waits, Quebec City’s L’Orchestre d’Hommes-Orchestres is a carnival show, a musical circus and a concert, all rolled into one. This bustling orchestra performs the music of Tom Waits using nearly 100 objects and instruments which they hammer and caress in madcap scenes of unbridled energy.

In this powerful tribute to the world of Waits, the performers remain faithful to the spirit of his work, but also turn it into a playing field for viewers. Mixing styles and adapting the arrangements, these six frenzied multi-instrumentalists perform in front of each other and over each other, trading instruments and vocals, putting their fingers between the strings, spokes in the wheels…

Another legendary musician and lead singer of Deep Purple, Ian Gillan will have a concert in the Sava Centre, on 7th November, accompanied by the Don Airey Band and the Belgrade Symphonic Orchestra. Stephen Bentley-Klein will conduct.

“Serbian audience is one of the most energetic I have ever come across. I had concerts in your country both as a solo artist and with Deep Purple back in the day when it was called Yugoslavia and I was impressed by your history, honesty and energy”, Gillan said and added that he always had a good time in Belgrade and that he hoped this time around would be no different.

(Belgradian, Blic, 30.10.2016)

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