Concert in honour of 60th anniversary of Vlada Divljan’s birth

Rambo Amadeus has joined a group of prominent musicians who will hold a concert in celebration of the 60th birthday of Vlada Divljan on 10th May at Belgrade’s Sava Center.

Momčilo Bajagić-Bajaga, Kornelije Bata Kovač, Dušan Kojić-Koja, Zoran Kostić-Cane, Rambo Amadeus, Nebojša Antonijević-Anton, Saša Losić-Loša, Darko Rundek, Goran Vasović- Vaske, Bojana Vunturišević, Dejan Vučetić- Vuča, Boris Mladenović-Bomla, Zoran Predin, Dejan Cukić and Kokan Popović will all perform in honour of the late Divljan who was a singer and songwriter, and  the frontman for the former iconic rock band Idoli.

At the concert, titled „Come On, Dream about Me“, the famous Serbian musicians will perform Vlada’s songs  that he wrote and sang with various bands and collaborators, from Idoli, Srdjan Šaper and Srdjan Gojković-Gile to Old Stars Band, NGO and the Summer Cinema.

Zdenko Kolar and Saša Šandorov from the Non-Governmental Organization and Maks Juričić with his Summer Cinem will the the concert’s host, while the concert is supported by Magic Bush.

Tickets cost 1,200, 1,500, 1,800 and 2,000 dinars and can be bought at Sava Center’s box office and in Eventim sales outlets.

(RTV, 06.05.2018)




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