Complaints about Glovo delivery service – extra charges for bad weather

It’s been just over a month since food ordering and delivery app changed both its owners and its brand.

Since its acquisition by Glovo, hundreds of complaints have been made by users, from restaurants starting to charge for delivery, to the delivery itself being drastically more expensive, to delays.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for many these days is the compulsory 75 dinar surcharge in case delivery takes place in bad weather. The company’s says that in the event of downpours or snow, the Real Time Operations Department provides a courier bonus, which is also activated as a surcharge for users.

In the end, the devil is in details. Glovo says that the tariff is not new and that everything is written in small print. “The bad weather surcharge is usually applied during heavy showers and snow, i.e. when delivery conditions are more challenging. In these cases, we pay a bonus to the couriers,” the company says.

The truth, users say, can be interpreted slightly differently. Because orders from were abruptly transferred to Glovo, users lost bonus discount points they accumulated when using

At the same time, Glovo users have noticed another new cost. It is a monthly subscription, which costs 300 dinars, and allows ordering for free. However, it has been recently increased to 500 dinars, after the introduction of the Glovo Prime option.

“Considering that I work from home and order via Glovo Prime very often, the payment of 300 dinars was ideal. What is not ideal is that after two weeks following the launch of the Prime option, I received an email saying that the price had gone up to 500″, reveals a customer.

Numerous users have also complained of several hours’ delay in their orders. In many cases, the specified delivery time was not honoured. A large number of users also complained that, a few hours after ordering, their order was cancelled, redirected, rejected and that the shop they were ordering from was not open.

“I have had several problems with Glovo, once they didn’t even bring me the order I paid for online. The biggest problem is that even if we pay the higher delivery charge, the delivery is still delayed,” another customer complains.

(B92, 20.10.2021)


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