Company that manages Belgrade airport posts EUR 6.9 million loss

The concessionaire of Nikola Tesla Airport, the Belgrade Airport Company, a subsidiary of the French company Vinci Airports, recorded a net loss of 809 million dinars or about 6.9 million euros last year.

Despite the loss, the company said that the result is much better than the one from 2022, when the loss amounted to 2.1 billion dinars or almost 18 million euros.

The French company took over Nikola Tesla Airport in March 2018 and will manage it until 2043.

Last year, Belgrade Airport invested 7.3 billion dinars or 62 million euros in construction works, which is about a third less than the investment of 10.8 billion dinars or 92 million euros invested in the previous year in 2022.

The company’s operating income last year amounted to 21.7 billion dinars, and revenues from the sale of services amounted to 11.7 billion dinars, which is three billion more than in 2022.

Belgrade Airport experienced numerous problems last year, due to poorly managed ground handling services and flight delays and cancellations. The Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, noted last year that Vinci Airports was understaffed and needed at least 100 new workers.

After the meeting with the French company, he said that the company promised they would increase the salaries of employees in the airport sorting unit up to 1,000 euros during the season and with bonuses.

After signing the concession agreement to manage Belgrade Airport, Vinci paid a one-time fee of 501 million euros and committed to continue paying an annual fee.

(Biznis i Finansije, 07.04.2024)


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