Company that brought outside voters to vote in Belgrade given 321mn dinars by authorities

The company that is associated with transporting voters from the Republic of Srpska to Štark Arena in Belgrade to vote in Belgrade election, last year concluded agreements with the Belgrade government worth as much as 321.6 million dinars.

The company – T&M Group Solutions – is owned by former handball player Dane Šijan, who is close to the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), and is registered for performing security-related services.

Šijan publicly supported SNS on more than one occasion, while in Montenegro, he had several run-ins with the law together with another official of that party, fellow handball player Vlado Mandić.

During the local elections in the Montenegrin town of Nikšić in 2021, Šijan was detained together with Mandić on charges of illegally bringing in a large amount of money, allegedly for bribing voters in favour of parties close to the Serbian authorities. The following year, Šijan and Mandić were banned from entering Montenegro and were returned from the Montenegrin border.

Mandić, like Šijan, is associated with bringing and registering voters for the December elections. According to the information obtained by the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), 275 voters were registered as living in the building at 9, Kraljevića Marka Street, which is owned by Mandić.

Mila Popović from the Freedom and Justice Party said on Friday that T&M Group Solutions was recently assigned to do the job of securing City Administration facilities, a deal worth up to 180 million dinars.

However, this is not the first time that T&M Group Solutions and the Belgrade authorities cooperated. There have been two more similar agreements since the company was formed, so taking into account all three agreements, the Belgrade government set aside a total of 321,600,000 dinars in one year alone for services provided by T&M Group Solutions.

(Danas, 19.03.2024)



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