Every fourth company engaged in shadow economy

At least 28% of companies in Serbia are engaged in shadow economy, with most of those being recently founded companies and small businesses mainly from the construction and transportation sector.

This information was presented by the representatives of the Serbian government, the American Chamber of Commerce and NALED at the “Way out of the Shadow Economy” conference yesterday.

Furthermore, the number of unregistered workers has gone up this year, which has also been confirmed by the IMF. An assistant to the Serbian Labour Minister, Ljiljana Dzuver says that half of these workers are employed in agriculture.

Still, the Serbian government confirms that some progress on countering shadow economy has been achieved and their goal is to reduce its share in the national GDP from 30% to 26% by 2020.

Only recently, labour inspectors found that 20% out of 995 workers in 385 companies in Belgrade and Nis were unregistered, and that their employers failed to provide them with job contracts, or have paid their medical insurance contributions.

Most of the unregistered workers were in catering and retail industry, some working in suburbs while some in renowned shopping malls.

The inspectors filed 36 requests for initiation of criminal proceedings and 129 reports citing failure to comply with labour legislation.

(Blic, N1, 24.12.2016)




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