Companies need drivers, everybody wants to work as customs officer

With an average of more than 100 job ads per month, drivers are the most sought-after profession and unemployed drivers can find a job relatively easy – the data collated by the job search site show.

This particularly applies to bus and truck drivers (drivers with the C and D category driver’s license). Also, there is a lot of work available for drivers with the B category, that is those that can driver passenger and small transport vehicles such as vans.

Only last year, the website published 1,263 job ads for drivers, with fewer than 50 candidates applying to each job.

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A similar trend is recorded in other areas that directly or indirectly relate to transport and logistics, with a high demand for warehouse workers. In 12 months, 1,182 ads for warehouse workers were published, and on average, 46 candidates applied for each.

In addition to warehouse staff, forklift operators were also quite in demand, and the data indicate that getting a job as a forklift operator is quite easy because only 14 candidates, on average, applied to each job ad.

Couriers are also in the demand, but the competition is quite stiff so it is not so easy to get that kind of work. As many as 12,789 candidates applied for 183 ads on the website.

The logistics area, with nearly 100 job applications per single ad, is also listed as one of the most interesting areas for job seekers. They were mostly interested in working logistics officers, so on average, 122 candidates applied to such job ads (176 of them were posted on Infostud last year). Fewer candidates, or 96 on average, applied for the job of the logistics manager, while 87 candidates, on average, applied for the dispatcher’s position.

It is interesting to note that one position proved to be the most popular among job seekers and that was a customs officer with as many as 146 people applying for a single job.  

(Dnevnik, 11.06.2019)


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