Companies won’t need stamps as of 1st October

As of 1st October, companies in Serbia won’t need to stamp their payment orders both in the country and abroad, to open new bank accounts, and to deposit signatures, promissory notes, or other documents.

This comes after the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) adopted changes to several bylaws regulating payment operations, all with the view of creating a more favourable environment for doing business.

At the same time, the NBS is encouraging companies to use e-banking services as much as possible because it cuts down on bank fees and the time spent waiting in the banks.

Back in 2014, the NBS adopted the Law on Payment Operations and several bylaws which, in effect, did stipulate that companies no longer needed to stamp their payment orders, but, regardless, many companies continued going to banks to make payments.

Now, as of 1st October, and with the adopted changes to the relevant bylaws, banks can accept payment orders that do not contain company’s stamp, while those companies and small business owners that plan to open bank accounts from 1st October onwards won’t need their company stamp to do so. This also applies to a series of other payment documents like promissory notes, unless the company insists on using its stamp.

(Blic, 08.09.2017)

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